Michael Thompson
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Michael Thompson
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It was 1991 when I received my BA of Economics from the University of Colorado. The day I left Boulder, not ready to commit to the “real job,” I chose to take I-70 west to the Vail Valley. What was supposed to be one or two years of fun and games has become even more. The opportunity of a “real life in a non-real world” appeared quite amazing, and I believed this Vail Valley resort to be booming. Just as the Winter season was the reason to come, the Summertime quickly became just another reason to stay. My passion for other people’s homes presented the remarkable idea of “doing what I love.” Furthermore, the opportunity of a “real job” in this seemingly non-real world challenged my ideals to move on. The results have proven since 1993 that doing what you love is most important. My choice to make a career and a life in real estate sales and consulting, still proves magical today. More than just helping others Buy and Sell and Rent Real Estate throughout the Vail Valley, I am also a Real Estate investor and manage my own income producing properties. I know rental figures, the financing and benefits behind Income Producing Properties. I find great pride in helping others accomplish their Vail Valley Real Estate goals. Now, it is something I do everyday.

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